Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chi Dynamics Qigong - 5 Elements Exercise

There are 5 Elements Exercises eg. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.
I will describe only 2 of them here.

The Metal Element Exercise is practised at every class session. Our feet will 
stay rooted to the earth and the upper body will sway left and right or in circles.

The QI which is being circulated cause our body to sway quite violently.

Water  Element   Exercise

Benefit:to de-stress, lower cholesterol 

Breathing: Fu   ( exhale thru nose and inhale thru nose with the tongue at
top of mouth and the mouth must be closed

Front Version of Water Element Exercise
Important:  Arms shoud be relax

Qigong stance with feet shouder apart.

Do in front of water eg pond in garden or swimming Pool.
Breathe in both hands go up to shoulder level,
   spread to the side, fold in again and
   breathe out n both hands go down
   like kai Kuo Xiong Huai in Qigong Shi Ba Shi

Visualisation: As you do the up and down movement, visualise that water are cascading down. You will feel a cool sensation.

Side Version of Water Element Exercise
Palms overlap in the middle, swing out -breathe out

Slowly swing in to overlap palms again -breathe in

Fire Element  Exercise

Benefit: To lower cholesterol.

Breathing : PI and Soft Chui

Align the right foot into the middle of left foot to form a T.
Turn body to left.
Put your palms togther at shder level like a Thai wai greeting.

Breathe in 1 2 and 3 times and HOLD.

Push both palms upward and outwards like a burst of fire.

As you do it say 'Pi" with the nose.

Hold and then inhale. At shoudler level do a soft chui exhale

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